[ekdosis] ekdosis v1.0

Robert Alessi alessi at robertalessi.net
Sat Aug 29 10:32:14 CEST 2020

Dear members of the list,

ekdosis v1.0
As some of you may have noticed, ekdosis v1.0 was published on July

As I was progressing in the documentation, I had occasions to improve
existing functions and add new features, the most important of which is
a new option 'maxentries' to \DeclareApparatus.  This option is
summarized here:
and described in detail here:

'maxentries' allows to set a limit to the number of entries per page
that a given layer of critical notes may accept.  This is particularly
important in complex editions when critical notes are very abundant in
number.  In some instances, ekdosis may oscillate indefinitely between
different sets of page decisions without being able to settle down.

In such cases, a simple \pagebreak immediately gets the editor out of
trouble, and this solution may be the way to go when only a hanful of
\pagebreak are needed for the whole edition text.  However, with
'maxentries', ekdosis will take care of automatically inserting the
breakpoints between pages whenever the number of entries on a given
page reaches the value set as 'maxentries'.[1] It must not be too
small or to big, but once the correct value has been found, it may be
deemed as the 'magic number' of the edition for ekdosis should then
always take the right decisions.

ekdosis v1.1
At the time of writing, ekdosis v1.1 is complete and should be
published in the days to come.  This release provides a new set of
commands for inserting editorial notes such as conjectures and
emendations.  It also introduces \DeclareSource to declare sources
available in print in libraries.  As a consequence, \DeclareScholar
should now be restricted to declaring persons to go within
<listPerson> and <sourceDesc> in the TEI header.  This is why it has
been extended to accept optional arguments such as 'forename',
'surname', etc.  This is very convenient as it allows at the least to
declare oneself as a person responsible for emendations, corrections
and conjectures!

ekdosis v1.2
This one should be out in a couple of weeks.  It will allow for
milestone elements.  Then I will focus on poetry, correspondence,
alignment and segmentation.  Most of the code is ready, but I still
need to perform intensive testing before merging it into the master

With best wishes, and happy TeXing!


[1]  By the way, I mistakenly wrote 'maxnumber' instead of
'maxentries' in three places in the current documentation.  Sorry about

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