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ekdosis is a LuaLATEX package designed for multilingual critical editions. It can be used to typeset texts and different layers of critical notes in any direction accepted by LuaTEX. Texts can be arranged in running paragraphs or on facing pages, in any number of columns which in turn can be synchronized or not. In addition to printed texts, ekdosis can convert .tex source files so as to produce TEI xml-compliant critical editions. Database-driven encoding under LATEX then allows extraction of texts entered segment by segment according to various criteria: main edited text, variant readings, translations or annotated borrowings between texts.

The latest stable version is ekdosis v1.4, released on November 21, 2021. The full documentation is available from CTAN as a PDF file. The full documentation of the development version is available here as a PDF file. (How to install.)

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One Source File, Multiple Outputs

 1: \documentclass{article}
 2: \usepackage{ekdosis}
 4: \begin{document}
 5: \begin{ekdosis}
 6:   I met my friend \app{
 7:     \lem{Peter}
 8:     \rdg{John}
 9:   } at the station yesterday.
10: \end{ekdosis}
11: \end{document}


Figure 1: PDF output

1: <p>I met my friend 
2:  <app>
3:   <lem>Peter</lem>
4:   <rdg>John</rdg>
5: </app>at the station yesterday.</p>

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